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Background: This company, Holtkamp Electric Company, was started by Ben Holtkamp in Breese, IL in 1920 as an automotive electric shop. The company was passed down to Clarence, Stanley and Ray Holtkamp, the three sons. The business had many phases until it closed in 1996. With the permission of Clarence Holtkamp, I took the business name for my own. 

Today: The business is an automotive electric shop ... with a twist. We provide restoration work on Volkswagen electrical equipment and other components of the aircooled era. Current components that are restored include; generators, starters, carburetors, speedometers, distributors and wiper motors. Other services include; 6V to 12V wiper motor conversion, cylinder head remanufacturing, performance cylinder head building, engine case machining services, complete engine remanufacturing from stock to performance. The shop also provides job shop machine shop services; small, one of a kind types of jobs.

Follow the links below for shots of some of the work I do and of my shop. 

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